Our Values

Our Mission

To be a renowned global roofing brand, Ross Roof Group will provide the very best New Zealand roofing products to key roofing distributors and installers around the world. We will create trustworthy relationships by exceeding their expectations in service and supply with a unified and committed team that take pride in building a strong and sustainable business for all stakeholders.

Values that guide our people

Ambitious, Quality Driven, Can Do, Innovative, Passionate, Relationship Focused, Genuine, One Team. It's how we live them collectively that makes us Ross Roof Group. Our values guide us in how we work day to day, how we work with each other and how we do business.

We are an ambitious team and want to achieve world success through setting goals and chasing them.
We will be straightforward, open and honest in all our dealings and we will act with the greatest integrity.
Quality Driven
With quality driven people and processes we will fulfil the highest expectations of our customers for delivering exceptional quality roofing systems.
Relationship Focused
We treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with the utmost respect. We recognize individuality, diversity and the need for a balanced personal and work life.
Can Do
The team at Ross Roof Group is always ready for new challenges and are willing to tackle a job and get it done right.
One Team
We work together for the common goal of business success. We value individual input, yet believe that by working together we will achieve greater synergy and success.
We are passionate about our brands, products and people. Our enthusiasm means we always participate with a competitive winning attitude.
We value and encourage innovation, creativity and commitment in achieving sustainable roofing solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering practical solutions to the world’s roofing requirements.

Our History

Ross Roof Group has its roots grounded in the roofing business in Auckland New Zealand since the mid 1900'S.

Originally making concrete blocks and concrete tiles back in1942, the business soon grew and became known as Ross Concrete Products, and later Ross Roofing. Over the last 70 years, the company has been evolved and transformed into a new stage called Ross Roof Group, which manufactures both brands Metrotile and Tilcor.

Delta Tile Company owned by John Ross started making Concrete Blocks and Concrete Tiles by hand in Hamilton.
RRL became an agent for Alex Harvey Industries, which made AHI roofing tiles.
RRL started manufacturing Longrun roofing in California, USA.
RRL started manufacturing Rosscrete Concrete Tiles again.
Metrotile USA was formed manufacturing steel tiles in California, USA.
Opened office in Dubai to service and manage the Africa and Middle East Markets.
Ross Concrete Products owned by Bob Ross started making Concrete Blocks in Takanini
RRL became agent for Gerard.
RRL sold to Humes Australia.
Started Ross Brick and Pavers Ltd and importing bricks from Australia.
Ross Roofing, Rosscrete Concrete Tiles and Ross Brick and Tiles was sold to CSR Building Products.

Opened office in Poland to service and manage the European Markets.

RCP started making Concrete Roofing Tiles in Takanini.
Started Rosscrete Concrete Tiles Ltd and purchased an automated concrete tile machine from Sweden.
RRL started business again due to Humes closing their NZ operation.
Malaysian Roofing Industries start manufacturing Metrotile products under license.
Sold shareholding in Metrotile USA and Metrotile Europe companies.
Opened office in Japan to service and manage Asia markets. Opened office in California to service and manage the North America markets. Officially changed company names to ‘Ross Roof Group Ltd’

Started the company “Ross Roofing Ltd”RRL became one of the 1st agents in NZ for LJ Fisher Decramastic tiles and subsequently became the largest agent in NZ.
RRL started manufacturing Longrun roofing in corrugated and decking type profiles and also roll-forming spouting.
Started Metrotile (NZ) Ltd manufacturing stone-coated and pre-painted roofing tiles.
‘Metrotile Europe’ was formed and manufacturing tiles in Belgium.
Started Tilcor Roofing Systems to supply the European, USA, Africa and Middle East markets from our NZ factory.

Our Team

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

One team, one family

As a privately owned New Zealand company, we are proud to have a great team of passionate people involved in the business.

We operate on a very personal level, with a strong focus on the team, their health and safety in the work place and strong family ethics as the backbone to our business.

We want to deal with customers as if they are family. We are about building strong, long term relationships that are mutually beneficial to both parties. Our strong ethics underpin our business and position us as a trusted roof maker that will stand by our products for decades to come.


We enjoy the positive energy every individual brings and believe in sharing this attitude with our customers and business partners. We look for the opportunities to laugh and to laugh together because we are enjoying our work and friendship. Together, working hard and having fun reveal our potential, our character and our passion. That is us, one team, one family, care about what we do and who we are.